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The Preserve
-a new shores school
-restored tidal wetlands
-new town homes & park
-community involvement

Public Meeting

Community Involvement
To ensure the school was properly located an independent committee of 10 Shores residents was appointed by the School District. After 6 months of study and 8 public meetings, this independent committee unanimously determined that The Preserve was the ideal place for the new school. They found that the overall project would substantially benefit the environment and that there was no other suitable location for a new school. In September 2006, the School Board voted unanimously to accept the Committee's recommendation.

The New Shores School Advisory Committee study revealed that the only other realistic alternatives for a new school were to redevelop (and lose) Marlin Park or double the population of Sandpiper school by building classrooms where there are currently playgrounds. Since Marlin Park is the Shores largest park, its loss would be a major blow to the Shores as well as the hundreds of kids who use its sports fields. A doubling of Sandpiper classrooms would leave no room for playgrounds, parking or ingress/egress for a 900-student mega-school.

In December 2007, the City of Redwood City completed an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and Precise Plan for the project. This detailed analysis ensured that all necessary traffic, environmental and flood control improvements were provided, guaranteeing adequate safety and quality of life for our children and neighbors. The EIR and Precise Plan for The Preserve can be viewed electronically on the City's web site: www.ci.redwood-city.ca.us.

Marlin Park in Redwood Shores