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Completed Wetlands Restoration September 2010
Restored Wetlands
Late 2011
wetlands overlook
Wetlands Overlook
Late 2011
home construction at salt court
Home Construction
at Salt Court
Late 2011
community park april 2011
Community Park
April 2011
park tennis courts april 2011
Tennis Courts
Late 2011
New School January 2010

The New School
January 2011

Breaching the Levee
Breeching the Levee
September 2010
townhomes august2010
The Preserve
August 2010
January community park july 2010

Community Park
July 2010

preserve model homes

The Preserve
Model Homes
May 2010

framing the new townhomes

May 2010

site work at the townhomes

Site Work
May 2010

school progress

School Progress
May 2010

shearwater parkway

Shearwater Pkwy
May 2010

Seacrest Lagoon

Seacrest Lagoon
May 2010

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Building The Preserve at Redwood Shores

As we celebrate New Years Day, 2012, we also celebrate the completion of construction at The Preserve and our transition to management of the wetlands ecosystem. You can visit us by stopping by The Preserve Community Park which opened in 2011. The Preserve Park serves as a "trailhead" for our extensive pathway system. These pathways allow you to stroll the perimeter of our tidal wetlands restoration and enjoy the wildlife. Our park contains two tennis courts, lawn areas, seating and plenty of parking. Preserve Park is located at the intersection of Marine and Shearwater Parkways.

Wetlands Restoration: Completion of our landmark tidal restoration occurred in March 2011. Tidal flows from Belmont Slough now "wash" the restored wetlands twice a day during high tide. Wetlands vegetation is beginning to form and will steadily progress over the coming years.

The 80 acre restored marsh will provide habitat for the endangered California Clapper Rail and Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse. It will also provide wildlife viewing and recreational opportunities from the Preserve’s extensive public trail system.

Flood Protection Levee: A new levee system built to FEMA standardswas completed in July 2011. We have also completed our planned public access improvements including pathways. Please come out to take a walk, smell the salt air and enjoy the wildlife!

New Shores Elementary School: Redwood Shores Elementary School was completed in the summer of 2010 and the first class began that fall with nearly 300 excited kids and their parents.The buildings, playgrounds and soccer fields look great! Please contact the Belmont Redwood Shores School District at 650-637-4800 or visit them at www.belmont.k12.ca.us for additional information.

Preserve Townhomes: The response has been extraordinary! Since our model opening in April 2010, all of our 156 townhomes have been sold. Construction of the last homes was completed in December 2011 and all are now occupied. Our builder was KB Homes who also constructed the first-rate Seacrest, California Bayside Cove and Shore communities, adjacent to The Preserve.

Construction History: Construction began in August 2008 with 900 goats.  They were clearing vegetation in anticipation of Keech Properties, LLC, starting work on this long anticipated project.  By using goats any wildlife in the development areas was able to move out into the restoration areas without harm.

The construction process continued in September 2008 with the installation of vertical "wick drains" below the levee system. These small drains (1/2" x 4") were individually pushed 50 feet below the surface to drain and stabilize the underlying soils (lessons learned from Katrina!). Over 500,000 lineal feet of these drains were installed with an individual drain placed every 5 feet! A specific type of "clay" soil was then imported from off-site and used to construct the 12 foot high levee system. In addition, a new lagoon was excavated next to the Seacrest community on Shearwater Parkway.

By December 2008, Keech Properties completed the school pad and turned the site over to the School District 30 days ahead of schedule. From 2009 through 2010 we concentrated on major infrastructure systems including the widening and landscaping of Shearwater Parkway, construction of the levee system and wetlands restoration activities. In 2011, we completed the wetlands restoration, levee system, and townhomes.

The Preserve includes:

  • K-5 Elementary School for 400+ children
  • 3 acre Community Park with parking, picnic areas and tennis courts
  • 156 townhomes
  • 90 acres of restored wetlands, lagoons and hiking trails
  • New interior levee system built to FEMA standards

Thanks! Due to all your support and help “The Preserve at Redwood Shores” has become a reality. Our goal is to be a good neighbor and enhance the Redwood Shores community. We hope we have met this obligation!


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wetlands restoration levee planting preserve townhomes being built
Wetlands Restoration
May 2010

Levee Planting
May 2010

The Preserve Model Homes
December 2009
inside the new school school exteriors dredging the old lagoon
School Progress: Interiors
December 2009

School Progress: Exteriors
December 2009
Dredging the Old Lagoon
December 2009
shearwater parkway is widened new lagoon outfalls at old lagoon
Shearwater Parkway Widens
September 2009
The New Lagoon
September 2009
Outfalls at the New Lagoon
August 2009
new school groundbreaking prefabricated school building conditioning mud
School Groundbreaking
July 2009
School Building Pre-fabricated
July 2009
Conditioning Mud
May 2009
seacrest lagoon levee built school construction picture
Seacrest Lagoon
May 2009
Levee construction continues
May 2009
School pad completed
December 2008
The levee is placed in layers
over the wicks
November 2008
"Wick drains" being installed
October 2008
Goats clear vegetation
August 2008

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