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The Preserve
-a new shores school
-restored tidal wetlands
-new town homes & park
-community involvement

A New Shores School at the Preserve

A New Shores School
Keech Properties improved and provided 7 acres of Area H to the Belmont-Redwood Shores School District. They have now completed construction of a new K-5 elementary school. The school can serve up to 450 children and was built to relieve the overcrowing at Sandpiper Elementary School. Measure C, which was passed by Redwood Shores voters in November 2005, authorized the School District to issue bonds to acquire land and build the new school. Together with Sandpiper, the new Shores School provides capacity for the 900 elementary-aged children projected to live in the Shores.

The location is ideal for a new school -- there’s plenty of room for classrooms and playgrounds, it’s easily accessible by foot, bike or car and yet is quiet, clean and an adequate distance from environmental problems including the airport, freeway, and power lines.

The school opened in Fall 2010.

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