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The Preserve
-a new shores school
-restored tidal wetlands
-new town homes & park
-community involvement

Area H was 20% degraded wetlands
and 80% uplands.

Restored Tidal Wetlands
The centerpiece of The Preserve is a 90 acre, restored tidal wetland which significantly improves the environment. Before the turn of the century, all of Redwood Shores (and much of the South Bay) was high tidal marsh. At that time, the area was diked and used for farmland and salt production. Our vision utilizes 80% of the property to recreate the area's historic pristine tidal marshes. The Preserve provides an immeasurable increase in the habitat values of this last, large private parcel in the Shores.

Initial restoration was achieved by removing invasive plants and introducing tidal cycles to the area. With initial restoration now complete, the ecosystem is being monitored and managed for 5 years by Keech Properties. Ownership will then be transferred to the Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge. Keech Properties will also provide the Refuge with a financial endowment to ensure the habitat is maintained and thrives forever.

A landscaped trail provides public access to The Preserve.

The Preserve dedicates over 80% of Area H to wetlands restoration and public access, demonstrating a unique commitment to environmental preservation and enhancement.

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The Preserve returned a tidal marsh
to over 90 acres.