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The Preserve
-a new shores school
-restored tidal wetlands
-new town homes & park
-community involvement

The Overall Preserve Plan

New Townhomes and a Neighborhood Park
East of the school is a new, ten acre community of 131 townhomes. Similar in size and density to their Seacrest and Bayside Cove neighbors, the new homes are a natural fit for Redwood Shores.

Keech Properties also owns a 5 acre parcel next to the Indian Creek apartments on Salt Court just south of Area H. Two acres of the Indian Creek site are being developed as 25 town homes, with the remaining 3 acres providing a neighborhood park containing parking, picnic areas, and tennis courts. The park also allows co-use of the sports fields after school and on weekends. It also provides overflow parking during school events. The townhomes and park were completed in December 2011.

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Indian Creek and Neighborhood Park